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7 embedded analytics features you need

7 Embedded Analytics Features You Need From Your BI Vendor

Businesses continue to make analytics and BI their top investment priority. But in today’s data-driven and highly competitive business environment, choosing an embedded analytics solution for your business could be quite overwhelming. To help you out with this key decision, we’ve compiled an embedded analytics features checklist to guide your search for embedded BI software.    Embedded Analytics Definition Embedded analytics is the integration of business intelligence […]

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using stored procedures in embedded analytics

Using Stored Procedures in Embedded Analytics

Using stored procedures is an easy way to save time from frequently writing the same lines of code and also expedite the call and execution of the desired query. But what do you know about stored procedures, how they work and what advantages they provide to users?   From this article, you’ll learn what a stored procedure is, what are its benefits, how does […]

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