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guided analytics vs self-service analytics

What Is Guided Analytics?

In today’s ever-changing data world, traditional BI approaches and business managers are struggling to keep up the pace, enhance efficiency, generate ROI, and boost business value. To get the most out of data, effectively predict future outcomes, and make more intelligent business decisions, organizations must bridge the gap between data scientists, business analysts, and the […]

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integrating powerful bi capabilities in angular apps

Embedding BI in Your Angular Apps

Today, Angular is one of the most popular platforms for creating feature-rich, progressive web applications due to its consistent code structure and widely applicable use cases. Many companies have migrated apps to Angular and more and more new apps are built from scratch with it. Embedding analytics into your Angular apps is a tremendous advantage […]

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analytical application definition

What Is an Analytical Application?

More and more businesses in all different industries globally are starting to adopt the power of data to accelerate their time to insights, improve business performance and enhance data-driven decision-making.   To do that, the raw data that they possess needs to be transformed into valuable information so it can be intelligently utilized towards business growth. […]

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embedded analytics roadmap

Reveal Roadmap: What to Expect in 2022-2023

Data Analytics Build for Embed – Simple. Fast. Predictible. That is our headline for Reveal.  Ever since we launched our embedded analytics product, we’ve had 3 main goals:   Fast & Easy Integration – Provide an easy to integrate data analytics solution that customers can integrate into their existing applications with no added requirements. Reveal’s flexible architecture and rich APIs give you control of the features in your […]

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how is predictive analytics used in healthcare

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

For a long time, healthcare professionals have been struggling to help their patients get better. Many times, they have faced limitations only due to the fact that they are living and breathing human beings; and there’s only so much that they can do with their time, energy, information, and resources available to them.   Healthcare, like any other industry today, is […]

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comparing reveal and looker for embedded analytics

Reveal VS Looker for Embedded Analytics; Which Solution Is Better for You?

Collecting data is easy, yet interpreting that same data is difficult. This is where tools such as Reveal and Looker come in handy – they convert raw data into easy-to-understand and easy-to-use insights that enable organizations to reshape and modernize the way they do business.   In this article, we are taking a closer look at two of the most popular embedded […]

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embedded analytics vendors

Top 7 Embedded Analytics Platforms

Choosing the right embedded analytics platform for your business needs is paramount. With its robust capabilities to expand your business, add value to your customers, and ultimately grow your profits, embedded analytics solutions are becoming essential for businesses that want to be able to survive in the market.  We know that in today’s highly competitive business environment and flooded markets, […]

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augmented analytics definition, examples and use cases

Augmented Analytics Guide: Definition, Examples & Use Cases

While businesses continue making analytics and BI their top investment priority, new techniques, and trends emerge, making data analytics faster, easier, and even more powerful.   According to the global IT research firm, Gartner, one of the top data analytics trends to watch for moving forward is augmented analytics. The augmented analytics approach is sure to grow in the near future, as AI […]

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chartio BI vendor alternative

Chartio Is Going Away – Choose Reveal as Your New BI Vendor

Chartio is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solution that provides business teams with the tools and functionalities for data exploration and data visualization. It’s one of the most popular visualization tools on the market that helps decision-makers make refined graphs, reports, and dashboards, and take the best case decisions faster.   Or it used to be. You may […]

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