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Customer Stories

Overwhelming Data: Easy to Digest and Use For Decision Making With Reveal

Adrenalin was able to save three months of development time by implementing Reveal’s embedded analytics, reducing the time to rollout. Adrenalin customers are using Reveal to analyze real time HR data for people insights across HR process — from hire to retire.

Customer Stories

Avion Saves a Year of Development Time with Reveal Embedded Analytics Software

Avion chose to embed Reveal into its Avalon software because of the software’s exceptional ability to provide highly customizable and easy-to-use embedded analytics tools and data visualizations, which end users can immediately understand and use to make data-driven decisions.

Customer Stories

Sensato Accelerates Time-to-Market by 10x

Sensato dramatically accelerated its time-to-market using Reveal embedded analytics software. Customers can now visualize massive amounts of data captured during a cyber-attack and use these insights to harden their security defenses.

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Social Services Agencies Leave Paper and Excel Spreadsheets Behind

Reveal’s drag-and-drop simplicity lets non-technical caseworkers quickly generate charts and reports that funders, managers and licensing agencies require regularly.

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Atanasoft Customers Visualize Complex Data in Ways Never Before Possible

When large government agencies, banks, manufacturers and retail companies need to access big data stored in Teradata or other data warehouses, many turn to Atanasoft.