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Gartner Report

Gartner Report: Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence, 2021

According to Gartner, “Due to the rapid pace of development cycles in a cloud-first world, many innovations will progress very quickly through the Hype Cycle. The majority of innovations in this Hype Cycle are likely to reach the Plateau of Productivity in five years or less. Innovation in this space continues to accelerate because data and analytics is a top priority for organizations.”

embedded analytics guide

The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics

Did you know that the lack of in-context data prevents you from making smarter business decisions – and as a result missing out on key revenue opportunities? That’s the value of embedded analytics – it brings key data insights into the hands of your decision-makers, workflows, and applications that run your business. 

Top 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Embedded Analytics Vendor

Top 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Embedded Analytics Vendor

Great! So, you have decided to accelerate your time to market and bring the power of analytics into your application. Now comes the question of which vendor do you partner with? We believe these are the top 7 questions you should consider when contemplating your embedded analytics vendor.

Whitepaper: Trends in Software Development and Analytics

Survey Report 2021: Trends in Software Development and Analytics

While the picture in 2020 was mixed, many tech firms thrived during COVID-19 as digital transformation accelerated. The report also found that businesses adopted analytics at a faster pace, including machine learning and embedded analytics. Find out the motivations, top use cases, and plans for 2021.

Reveal Whitepaper: Creating a Data-Driven Culture with Embedded Analytics

Creating a Data Driven Culture with Embedded Analytics

The role of data and analytics is changing from being a standalone discipline to one that is helping to drive digital transformation. Find out why a data driven culture matters and the 7 building blocks to creating one.

Whitepaper: Embedded Analytics - Buy vs Build

Embedded Analytics Can be Powerful for Apps – But Should You Buy or Build Them?

For small, fast projects, building your own analytics may make sense. But to enhance your app with beautiful visualizations that run native across all platforms and that will be professionally maintained for years, think buy.

Reveal Whitepapers: Best Practices for Creating Compelling Visualizations

Best Practices for Creating Compelling Visualizations

Tell your data story with eye-catching visualizations. Learn which charts best communicate your message, how to combine colors, and how features of modern data analytics programs let you build intuitive, concise, and powerful dashboards.