Embedded CRM Analytics

Easily manage customer data and help sales and marketing teams execute on their strategies to address specific customer needs, understand customers’ preferences and buying patterns. Embedded CRM analytics gives your business the insights to make better and more intelligent decisions and maximize customer lifetime value.

Reveal embedded analytics sales CRM dashboard with map, line and bar charts
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The Importance of Embedded CRM Analytics

When you have lots of leads flowing in, numerous prospects and customers to deal with it, it can be challenging to understand the status of your sales funnel. You can miss opportunities, high-value deals and even the context of the conversation with each one of your potential and existing customers. CRM analytics makes data available to anyone in your organization and complies actionable insights and reports so you can intelligently analyze customer data for better customer acquisition and retention strategies.

4 Benefits of Embedded CRM Analytics

Improves customer satisfaction

Effortlessly collect data from multiple channels or data sources and use it to create detailed customer profiles that can help you enhance customer satisfaction. Customer profiles help you better understand each unique customer and its lifecycle. When you know your customers, you can easily align strategies to improve their customer experience and build customer loyalty. Knowing that your customers are happy will open more room for your business to scale.

Discover new trends & forecasting

CRM analytics tools can look at past sales trends, current leads, opportunities and identify patterns in customers’ behavior that otherwise might be hard to see. You can predict the likelihood of patterns in their behavior that are likely to emerge again and with the help of statistical algorithms like ML techniques to foresee future outcomes. This allows you to get ahead of your competitors and make the most out of any opportunity.

Optimization of marketing & sales activities

With an embedded CRM analytics tool, you can monitor marketing and sales activities in-depth to get a better idea of what’s working and what’s not to therefore recognize where you need to invest your time, money and resources. When your teams have real-time visibility into these insights, they can act at the moment of impact which ultimately leads to higher leads conversation rates, increase in successful deals and revenue growth.

Streamline internal operations

CRM analytics software can help you facilitate much more than communication between your business and your customers; it can also make it easier for your team to collaborate with each other in context. Team members can easily maintain a unified brand voice when speaking to potential and existing customers. Customer data and notes are transparent and available across departments. That way communication is always organized and on-topic.

CRM Analytics Examples

CRM dashboards give your team members a snapshot of metrics that matter the most. It is used track and display insights of your performance effectiveness to determine what actions should be taken next.

Reveal sales CRM dashboard with map, line and bar charts

Sales CRM Dashboard

Sales teams need to stay updated on how their activities are affecting the organization. Within a sales CRM dashboard, sales reps can track and monitor important sales KPIs such as average contacts value, average sales cycle length, sales target achievements, opportunities won by close month, and much more. With these insights sales reps can gain important information on how they can perform better, close more deals, which customers are worth focusing on the most.

Reveal customer CRM dashboard with KPIs, pie and line charts

Customer CRM Dashboard

By monitoring and analyzing customer support tickets, businesses can quickly resolve issues for customers faster to increase customer satisfaction. A customer CRM dashboard allows you to track important customer KPIs like total number of tickets, average response time, net promoter scores, and more to help you optimize customer service operations and increase the average revenue per customer.

Reveal CRM KPI dashboard with KPI metrics, area and line chart

CRM KPI Dashboard

A CRM KPI dashboard makes it easy to measure performance of customer relationship management, sales and marketing strategy for your business. It provides a quick overview of your business’s overall performance, primarily focusing on customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, churn rate and conversion rate. A KPI dashboard is typically presented to sales reps and managers who can make swift decisions to engage prospects, boost conversions, and ultimately revenue.

Reveal eCommerce CRM dashboard with funnel chart, tree map, area chart and stacked column bar chart

eCommerce CRM Dashboard

An eCommerce CRM dashboard in its purest form is a curated set of metrics, KPIs, and other data that is associated with the process of marketing and selling products and services online. It is used to highlight in the clearest possible way trends, patterns, anomalies and information related to the performance of your online store in order to increase bottom-line revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CRM analytics?

CRM analytics are functions of CRM software that processes and analyzes data to provide actionable insights for future sales and business decisions.

What is CRM analytics software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) analytics software is a business solution that helps organizations collect, store, and analyze data to gain a better understanding of their customers and business performance, and drive decision-making. It requires BI technologies which allow businesses to improve their internal and external operations.

How does CRM analytics software work?

CRM analytics software provides a 360-degree view of your customer’s data to everyone in your organization. It stores each of your leads and customers’ data in one centralized place which anyone can access at any time and use it to make smarter decisions and formulate better performing strategies.

Is Reveal CRM analytics solution suitable for my business?

It sure is. No matter the industry or the size of your business, Reveal will bring the power of data to the hands of your decision makers. It allows you to easily embed data analytics capabilities into your application with no added requirements and benefit from interactive dashboards and reports, drill-downs, collaboration, sharing, and more on any device. From sales reps to marketing people to business users and beyond, everyone can easily use Reveal’s self-service functionalities in their daily workflow.

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