Maximize Customers Lifetime Value with Embedded Analytics

We help organizations of all sizes and complexities simplify access to data across applications. Reveal is easy to implement and use, so you can quickly find the insights you need to increase your revenue and customer satisfaction.

Reveal App Usage embedded dashboard with daily, weekly, and monthly active users data
Reveal build it yourself embedded dashboard in your app with security icon

Fuel Up Your ISV Business Growth with Embedded Analytics

Get complete control over your own app experience – how your dashboards are branded, which features to show or hide, how security is implemented, and where your app is deployed. Reveal is a purpose-built embedded analytics solution that delivers a transformative user experience for creating, editing and annotating dashboards on any device.

Add Reveal embedded analytics into your app

Leverage Your Company’s Domain Expertise

Focus on your product roadmap and strategy to grow your ISV business and leave the rest to an established embedded analytics vendor. Reveal brings industry knowledge, robust IT infrastructure and domain expertise, so you can save time and money on building a solution yourself, and most importantly allows you to direct your efforts on getting your product on the market as quickly as possible.

Why Partner with Reveal

Powerful and seamless integration

Seamless integration

Built on today’s most modern architecture, Reveal’s powerful API removes the complexity of embedding analytics into your apps and allows you to seamlessly integrate your data from any SQL database or data warehouses.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Anywhere

With Reveal, you are in charge of deployment. Reveal runs on Windows, Linux, or Mac servers, with backend SDKs for .NET, Java and NodeJS. Deploy on-prem, or to any cloud or any container in the cloud.

Secure by Default

Secure by Default

Data access is controlled by you. You have complete control over queries, parameters and filters that are sent to your data sources. We have added capabilities to support multi-tenant backends, and row-level filtering for per-user security.

Native SDK

Native SDK

Reveal’s native web, desktop & server SDKs can be integrated into applications on any platform and tech stack including .NET Core, Java, NodeJS and front-end technologies such as JavaScript, React, Angular, Web Component, VueJS, jQuery, MVC and Java Frameworks like Spring, Tomcat, Apache.



Enable every single person on your team, in every department, or any customer to create custom and insightful dashboards and reports independently. When everyone has access and can easily understand data, the decision-making process becomes better, smarter, and most importantly data-driven.

White Label

White Label

Reveal gives you 100% control over your app UX and greatly improves your customers’ experience. With white labeling, you can fully customize the fonts, colors, button shapes, and more of Reveal, so your dashboards match your brand unique theme perfectly.

Bring Contextual BI Into Your Users Daily Workflow

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See What Our Customers Have to Say

Embedded Analytics
Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics
Embedded Analytics
Embedded Analytics


The dashboards are within our products, so they get seen; they are there at the moment the customer needs the information. So they can get insights, and make decisions. Ultimately that’s the power we’ve now built into our database software tools.

Jim Richardson
President of Atanasoft

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Reveal allowed us to accelerate our visualization time-to-market easily by a factor of 10x.  Our engineers didn’t need to become visualization experts, we didn’t need to do all the testing of the visualization platform and we didn’t need to think through how it will scale or worry about its reliability.

John Gomez
CEO of Sensato

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We really like Reveal’s intuitive UX because it appeals to our non-technical caseworkers. Reveal makes it simple for caseworkers to run a report and see it in an easy-to-read chart or visualization and meet their reporting demands.

Ninad Amondikar
Data Product Manager at Casebook

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ISV Dashboard Samples

Reveal App Usage dashboard with KPIs and area, bar, and map charts

App Usage

Optimizing your app is one of the keys to the success of your ISV business – but only if you’re able to make rapid adjustments based on the insights you gather. With Reveal, you get complete analytics on your app usage just in time. Reveal lets you track every user and their behavior in the app so that you can clearly see what your customers love and where adjustments are necessary.

Reveal Account Details dashboard with status, grid, KPIs and pie and bar charts

Account Details

The account dashboard is a comprehensive overview of a given user’s account details, including their contact information, subscription history, and more. You can choose what you want to view, drill-down any data for deeper insights, as well as blend data bringing multiple accounts together into one visualization for a side-by-side view.

Reveal Sales Revenue and Pipeline dashboard with bar and line charts

Sales Revenue

Track growth or decline in the revenue generated by your company in real-time, monitor progress against set revenue goals, and assess the effectiveness of your revenue strategy. With these insights, you can learn the answers to key business questions, including which customers are worth focusing on the most, why the business lost money, or how the revenue and expenses compare to the last report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reveal provides full API support on both the client and server sides, allowing you to integrate analytics into your apps quickly and manage everything from deployment to the complete look and feel of the app.

Reveal supports a diverse range of data sources, such as APIs, SQL databases, cloud storage, and more. See the full list on this page.

You can embed Reveal into multiple applications. The pricing is per application, so for more information on embedding Reveal in more than one application, make sure to contact us.

The SDK server-side component is a set of ASP.NET Core libraries (supporting both .NET Framework, ASP.NET Core, and Java), allowing deployment into both on-premises and cloud applications.

As an SDK that lives within your application’s context, Reveal operates within your existing data controls, requiring no changes. We don’t store your data. Therefore, no sensitive or personal data is accessed or used by Reveal, ensuring the privacy and security of your information. You can learn more on our Security page.


Creating a dashboard in Reveal is very easy. First, you need to connect to a data source that contains your data and then create beautiful visualizations to convey the meaning and message of the insights that you get. After that, you can save your dashboard and share it with everyone that needs to have access to that data.

Reveal offers a straightforward pricing structure tailored to your specific requirements, with a simple fixed yearly price per application. With our commitment to transparency, you can rest assured that there are no hidden fees, usage limitations, or complex user tiers to worry about. For pricing details tailored to your individual needs, please request a quote through this link..

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