Embedded Crypto Analytics

With the change in the global financial market, increase in investments, and development of new blockchain technologies such as DeFi, several complexities arise. Data analytics helps organizations and traders to better understand the ever-changing market trends and as a result improve their decision-making. Crypto analytics brings predictive analytics, big data, IoT, and mobile-first design to individual investors and traders to easily determine and leverage the most suitable market conditions and invest intelligently.

Reveal crypto embedded analytics dashboard with KPIs, ROIs, invested map and trending rates
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The Importance of Crypto Analytics

As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies continue to grow and become more and more mainstream, the amount of transactional data increases as well. That is why the crypto market and embedded analytics are a match made in heaven. Crypto analytics brings the power of data into the hands of your investors so they can make the most out of every opportunity and maximize profits by making better investment decisions in real-time.

4 Key Benefits of Embedded Crypto Analytics

Make data-driven decisions

Understanding the market trends and patterns is what makes a successful cryptocurrency trader. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can unlock patterns and trends that can create insightful findings to guide your next actions. That way, you can make smarter decisions not only about trading, but also about buying.

Simplifies data access

Another way in which data analytics supports the crypto space is by streamlining access to data. Blockchain can aid in the storage of data in a distributed network and make the data easily accessible across different departments. Easy access to data simplifies the entire analytics process, smoothens up the work, and accelerates time to insights.

Eliminates your crypto tax reporting headaches

One of the greatest crypto analytics benefits is that it can simplify the process for US tax filings for individuals who hold crypto and need to report it on their US tax returns. You can easily import your crypto transactions from multiple cryptocurrency coins and exchanges and get a comprehensive view of all transactions.

Helps investors predict the future of cryptocurrency values

Investors have a difficult job looking at all the different cryptocurrencies trying to turn a profit off of it with their ever-changing values. Data analytics tools and techniques can help them uncover trends to indicate what the market is going to do by relying on historical data. By uncovering trends, investors can predict what will happen in the future and how cryptocurrency values will shift.

Crypto Dashboard Example

A Crypto dashboard is a powerful data visualization tool that allows you to track all of your crypto accounts, wallets, and other crypto-related data to monitor where funds are moving to, identify new projects or tokens, and trace transactions.

Reveal crypto portfolio dashboard with grid, KPIs, ROIs and bar chart of profit and loss

Crypto Portfolio Dashboard

Connect your cryptocurrency wallets into one unified dashboard and track their performance alongside all your other accounts, bringing more visibility to your finances. Make informed decisions before you invest and manage your financial plans accordingly.

Reveal crypto exchange dashboard with KPIs, ROIs, invested and trending rates

Crypto Exchange Dashboard

Comparing currency exchange rate will allow you to truly understand its value. The Crypto exchange dashboard gathers and presents the exchange rate history for all your cryptocurrencies; that, for example, tells you how stable one currency is compared to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crypto analytics?

Embedded Crypto analytics is a term that describes every technology or assembly of technologies used to collect, process, and analyze complex crypto data sets. The data is being collected from a variety of different data sources with the aim of answering questions that you never knew you had.

What is blockchain?

A blockchain is a type of database structure that allows network participants to establish a trusted record of transactional data without the need for intermediaries. Each new transaction is stored in a block that gets added to a chain on existing records and everyone in the blockchain can see updates simultaneously.

What is a Crypto dashboard?

A Crypto dashboard is a visualization tool used to track and monitor the ever-shifting values of cryptocurrencies in real-time, and to manage your crypto and financial assets.

What is Crypto analytics software?

Crypto analytics software refers to the application of tools and technologies in the crypto world that help crypto organizations to harness the power of data to predict risk, leverage buying and selling opportunities, and more.

Who can use Crypto analytics?

Anyone who is working in the crypto space one way or another – traders and investors, financial analysts, engineers, accountants, et.

Will Reveal Crypto analytics solution be suitable for my organization?

Definitely. Reveal’s powerful data analytics functionalities can benefit anyone that works with data, no matter the size or the industry of the organization. It is self-service software, which means that all of your users, even those not trained in data, will be able to easily and quickly gain insights by using it and build dashboards and reports independently.

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