Ensure Data Security with Reveal: Your Analytics, Your Control

Reveal Embedded Analytics is designed with a secure-by-default approach, ensuring that your data and applications are secured and protected. Our robust security measures, comprehensive APIs for data access and privacy, flexible authentication and authorization, and compliance with key security standards make Reveal the ideal embedded analytics solution for organizations seeking to accelerate data-driven decision-making.

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Reveal’s Approach to Embedded Analytics Security

Explore the full potential of our SDK capabilities to not only enable a full self-service BI but to also ensure a seamless analytics experience with robust security measures in place.

Embedded Analytcs Security with Reveal

Data Access Control

Reveal’s robust API facilitates precise control over data access through custom queries or stored procedures, ensuring row-level security based on chosen data sources. With methods and properties reflecting user context, developers dictate how authenticated users interact with data. Additionally, Reveal offers features like obfuscation and encoding of connection data, bolstering security further.

Reveal security limiting user feature access and data displayed

Data Privacy

With Reveal, your data is safe and you’re in control. As an SDK that lives within your application’s context, Reveal operates within your existing data controls, requiring no changes. No sensitive or personal data is accessed or used by Reveal, ensuring the privacy and security of your information.

Authentication to Databases

Supporting over 25 data sources, Reveal’s SDK simplifies connectivity across analytics tools, cloud services, databases, and more. Developers can configure unique properties like connection strings and authentication methods, tailoring access to suit each data source’s requirements.

Authorization Framework

Authorization Framework

By utilizing Reveal’s API, you can seamlessly use your existing authentication and authorization security model to set permissions and enable access to resources, and to access data. Reveal exposes APIs to control user interface aspects, allowing you to show or hide features based on user permissions, enhancing the overall security of your application.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

Reveal is shipped as both a client SDK and a server SDK. It seamlessly integrates into your application, allowing deployment on any cloud infrastructure within your existing security context. No adjustments to your current security model are necessary to embed, enable, and deploy Reveal.

Certifiably Secure

Gain confidence in compliance with our solution that aligns with the highest security and privacy standards.

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