Accelerating Digital Transformation with Embedded BI & Low Code  

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Embedded BI & Low Code  

Dive into the world of embedded BI (Reveal) and low-code (App Builder) and learn how these tools could accelerate your digital transformation efforts.

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Creating comprehensive software solutions can be a daunting task. In today’s fast-paced world, users have high expectations for their applications, and keeping up with those demands is no easy feat. Fortunately, we live in an era where you don’t have to spend months or even years manually coding every aspect of your application to achieve a seamless, feature-rich user experience. 

Nowadays, it’s not only possible but incredibly efficient to develop software solutions with stunning user experiences, seamless interactions, seamless theming, robust data binding, self-service dashboards, and powerful business intelligence. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can accomplish all of this in minutes instead of the weeks or months it traditionally takes with tedious and error-prone hand-coding. 

Leading the charge in this exciting realm of software development is our Senior Vice President of Developer Tools, Jason Beres. Recently, he took the stage as a guest speaker at Solutions Review‘s Solution Spotlights webinar, an exclusive event for industry professionals in the enterprise technology sector. During this event, Jason delved deep into the world of embedded BI (Reveal) and low-code tools (App Builder) and demonstrated how they could accelerate your digital transformation efforts. 

Reveal Introduction

Imagine a world where self-service business intelligence seamlessly integrates into your applications, transforming how you engage with data. Reveal takes the concept of self-service BI and presents it as a powerful SDK, setting it apart from traditional solutions that rely on outdated iframe integration methods. Reveal’s SDK redefines the user experience, offering unparalleled flexibility. Whether you’re developing web applications with technologies like React or Angular, exploring Blazor or web components, or crafting desktop applications with WPF or Windows Forms, Reveal has you covered. 

Here are Reveal’s key benefits: 

  • True embedded SDK, eliminating the need for iframes
  • Powerful API that allows for direct integration into your application, ensuring a native and seamless experience
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • No hidden costs or complexities in pricing structures
  • Compatibility across various platforms and tech stacks
  • Users can tailor the look and feel of dashboards to match their brand or application aesthetics
  • Simplified dashboard editing 
  • 100% control over both the client and the server with the SDK approach

App Builder Introduction

With a toolbox of 60+ rich UI components and a full suite of high-performance data grids and charts, transform your legacy apps into modern, responsive web experiences. App Builder is a cloud-based, WYSIWYG, low-code tool that accelerates modern web app development, allowing teams to deliver apps 80% faster. It comes packed with pre-built templates, responsive layouts, and customizable themes to give your app a unique identity. App Builder also offers a toolbox of 60+ UI controls and supports code generation for Angular, Blazor, and Web Components, ensuring a pixel-perfect representation of your designs in production-ready HTML, TypeScript, and CSS. Additionally, you can effortlessly import your Sketch or Figma designs and connect to any REST data source. 

Here are App Builder’s top benefits:  

  • Eliminates error-prone hand coding for repetitive and mundane tasks. 
  • Transforms design files into data-rich apps. 
  • Saves developers 80% of their time on UI and UX design for app screens. 
  • Offers data binding, navigation, and theming. 
  • Ensures component and feature parity across Angular, Blazor, and Web Components. 
  • Provides code preview and one-click code generation. 

Reveal BI + App Builder

The magic happens when Reveal and App Builder join forces. Developers can seamlessly integrate Reveal dashboards directly from the App Builder Toolbox, specifying URLs to Reveal Server SDK hosting data. The result is a harmonious blend of embedded analytics and rapid app development, offering a preview of what’s possible when these technologies converge. 

Both Reveal and App Builder empower developers to break free from traditional constraints, enabling them to deliver stunning applications seamlessly integrated with embedded BI. To witness the full potential and explore live demos, watch the full webinar of Jason Beres for Solutions Review’s Solution Spotlights:  

If you’re interested in exploring these tools further, you can start a free trial or schedule a demo with our product experts: 

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