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Why Choose Purpose-Built Embedded Analytics?

Many of today’s embedded analytics and BI vendors built their standalone applications first so they are not purposely designed to be embedded into applications. This adds tremendous complexity, requiring complicated integration with their back-end proprietary system. It also forces ISVs or enterprises to use an unpredictable and costly, metered pricing model.

Creating beautiful visualizations

Fast, Easy Integration
Easily integrate analytics into your application with no added requirements, a flexible architecture and a UI that matches the look and feel of your app.

Data Visualization

Superior User Experience
Excite your users by making it easy for them to create, edit, and share their own beautiful dashboards without leaving your application. Increase adoption of evidence-based decision making. Try it yourself

Stay connected with your data

Transparent, Affordable Pricing
With our simple, fixed price you can reach an unlimited number of users on any device. And pay no usage fees. Know exactly what you'll be paying without any surprises.

easy to use API

Deploy Everywhere: Cloud, Web, Desktop, Mobile, On-Premise

Cut the time to create and manage dashboards for your end users and eliminate vendor-side dependencies. Reveal’s responsive dashboards look beautiful everywhere with touch and smooth scrolling on all screen sizes. Use our powerful APIs to quickly add analytics capabilities to existing applications with our native web, desktop, iOS and Android SDKs.

  • Connect to on-premise or cloud-based backend
  • Deploy to any cloud or on-premise server
  • Manage deployment, scalability and resilience with container and micro-service architecture
  • Control how users engage with customer filters, themes, and authentication methods
  • Enable custom actions based on your users' interactions
  • Link to your data models and create dashboards from your application memory with our in-memory data source

Check out any of our resources including the Reveal Developer Guide, Documentation, or Architechure and Security.

Make Your Apps Shine with Embedded Analytics

Instant Demo

White-label Brand Identity

Drive Higher Business Growth

Only 35% of enterprise employees currently use analytics. A key issue is that existing programs interrupt user flow, requiring employees to use a separate tool. If you embed analytics in their existing apps, analytics become intuitive and help spur faster and better decision-making.

Save time and money with Reveal's embedded analytics

Save Time with Native SDKs

Reveal is built with the latest technologies including native toolkits for web, desktop, and mobile. Integrate Reveal quickly into your code at a fraction of the time and cost of building it yourself.

Save time and money with Reveal's embedded analytics

Reduce Support Costs

When user easily create their own visualizations and dashboards, less training is required, lowering your support burden and backlog. Provide your end users with true self-services capabilities such as drill-down, dashboard linking and filtering.

Save time and money with Reveal's embedded analytics

Built for Scalability and Resiliency

Reveal’s architecture incorporates containers and microservices so it is distributed across tens or hundreds of servers—providing resiliency and making it easy to scale.

Trusted by the Best in the Business

Reveal is so intuitive that we incorporated it into our existing software much faster than expected, and we created beautiful dashboards with little need for documentation. Our ERP software now transforms data into powerful visualizations and provides our customers with tactical, operational, and strategic insights.

Mark Turkel, CEO of Palm Beach Software

We've been really happy with Infragistics' embedded analytics tools over the years. We are excited by Reveal's beautiful data visualizations and drag and drop simplicity.

Makoto Yamada, Chief Technology Officer, SuperStream

Our software automates cybersecurity countermeasures along with other leading-edge security protections. Reveal makes it simple for our customers to visualize threat patterns, and it offers us a fixed, affordable pricing model. We can project what our costs will be, unlike other vendors that charge a per-user or usage fee.

John Gomez, CEO of Sensato

Buyer’s Guide: 7 Questions to Ask Your Embedded Analytics Vendor

Before you commit to a vendor, consider this: Will your app experience be consistent on every platform—or is it optimized for only 1? Can you figure out its cost? Explore these and many others in our newest Buyer's Guide.

100% Pricing Transparency

We offer pricing that is affordable and predictable. No hidden fees, no hidden costs. We make it easy for you to understand the TCO of Reveal.

3 Year Subscription

3 annual payments of


Great Value!

3 Year Subscription

1 upfront payment of


Great Value!

1 Year Subscription

1 upfront payment of



Each offer includes:

Subscription for 1 Embed application
Standard support for up to 5 named developers

Contact Us

Priority support - 1 embed Reveal app $12,000 a year for 1 app dev contact. Take advantage of 1 day turn around response. Plus Phone support along with email.

* To be eligible for an embed license pricing you must ship a software application along with the embed Reveal product. This application needs to be more than the Functionality of Reveal. You may not use Reveal embed for the sole purpose of exposing only its functionality.

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