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Analyze. Evolve. Innovate. Launch.

Showcase your data and bring insights to end-users with Reveals’ embedded analytics. Innovate and evolve your product experience to rise above your competition. Reveal’s embedded BI tool lets you deliver what your customers value: affordable, beautiful dashboards and visualizations. 

Creating beautiful visualizations

Accelerate Time to Market
Deliver value in record time, including easy deployment to your on-premises servers or cloud providers. Excite customers with eye-popping visuals.

Data Visualization

Cut Management Time
When your customers self-serve, that’s one less thing to worry about. And customer training? It’s virtually eliminated with Reveal.

Stay connected with your data

Transparent, Affordable Pricing
Reach an unlimited number of users with one cost-effective and simple fixed price. 

easy to use API

Deploy Once, Deploy Everywhere

Cut the time to create and manage dashboards, establish server dependencies and train yourself on complex software. Write once and deploy everywhere with our native SDKs. Use our powerful APIs to quickly add BI capabilities to existing applications with our native web, desktop, iOS and Android SDKs.

  • Connect to any on-premise or cloud-based backend 
  • Allow your app users to view, edit, and create dashboards
  • Control how users engage with customer filters, themes, and authentication methods
  • Enable custom actions based on your users' interactions

Check out any of our resources including the Reveal Developer Guide, Documentation, or Architechure and Security.

Make Your Apps Shine with Embedded Analytics

Free 14 Day Trial

Reveal sample of a Productivity Dashboard

No Hidden Metering Costs

Competitors insist you host storage on their servers. Choose your own cloud backend with Reveal. And skip the costs.

White-label Brand Identity

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Transform and grow your product with custom dashboards and data visualizations. Gain a competitive advantage by enabling storytelling with data.

Save time and money with Reveal's embedded analytics

Save Time and Money

Eliminate project delivery risks and going over budget.  With Reveal’s embedded analytics, implement a complete, well-tested solution for a fraction of the time and cost of building it yourself.

Save time and money with Reveal's embedded analytics

Make Friends with DevOps

Host Reveal in the cloud environment that your team is already familiar with. With less time monitoring and managing servers, DevOps will be all in on Reveal.

7 Questions to Ask Your Embedded Analytics Vendor

Before you commit to a vendor, consider this: Will your app experience be consistent on every platform—or is it optimized for only 1? Can you figure out its cost? We explore these and many others in our newest Buyer’s Guide.

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100% Pricing Transparency

We offer pricing that is affordable and predictable. No hidden fees, no hidden costs. We make it easy for you to understand the TCO of Reveal.

3 Year Subscription

3 annual payments of


Great Value!

3 Year Subscription

1 upfront payment of


Great Value!

1 Year Subscription

1 upfront payment of



Each offer includes:

3 year subscription for 1 application
5 developers supported
Standard support

Contact Us

Priority support - 1 embed Reveal app $12,000 a year for 1 app dev contact. Take advantage of 1 day turn around response. Plus Phone support along with email.

* To be eligible for an embed license pricing you must ship a software application along with the embed Reveal product. This application needs to be more than the Functionality of Reveal. You may not use Reveal embed for the sole purpose of exposing only its functionality.

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Enable your customers to consume KPI Dashboards, Marketing Dashboards, and much more. Fill out this simple form, email or call a local office to get pricing  information, schedule a demo, or request any additional information!  


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