Embedding BI in Your Angular Apps

Embedding BI in Your Angular Apps

By integrating powerful BI into your Angular apps, you can streamline workflows, manage resources and optimize performance. Data helps businesses reveal where and how they can improve, and optimize their overall processes and performance for maximum profitability

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Today, Angular is one of the most popular platforms for creating feature-rich, progressive web applications due to its consistent code structure and widely applicable use cases. Many companies have migrated apps to Angular, and more and more new apps are built from scratch with it. Embedding analytics into your Angular apps is a tremendous advantage for your business; it helps you gain valuable business insights from your data and grow your profits by guiding key business decisions.   

So, how can you leverage data by integrating powerful BI capabilities in your Angular apps? Continue reading and find out:  

What Is BI?

BI stands for business intelligence and refers to the process of taking data points and converting them into resources that can be used for the making of intelligent business decisions. These processes include collecting, storing, and retrieving data, creating reports based on that data, and making decisions backed by data.  

An embedded BI is the integration of BI capabilities directly into other applications that haven’t been initially designed to work with data.  

What Is an Angular App?

Angular is a platform and framework for building mobile and desktop web applications. So, an Angular app is one that was built using Angular’s framework or on the Angular platform. By building an app on Angular, you’re taking advantage of a platform that can scale from single-developer projects to enterprise-level applications. Many big and reputable businesses, including Google, Nike, Sony, and HBO, leverage Angular.  

Why Should Your Embed BI in Your Angular Apps?

No matter if your Angular app is an online retail store, a banking app, a digital health app, or something else, embedded analytics capabilities would provide you with tremendous opportunities. Integrating powerful BI into your Angular apps allows you to streamline workflows, manage resources, and optimize performance. Data helps businesses reveal where and how to improve and optimize their processes and performance for maximum profitability. Moreover, data identify new product/service opportunities; it can tell you what your users need, so you can develop new offerings and sustain those customers.  

BI tools such as graphs, charts, and dashboards also have the ability to improve data literacy across an organization. Data literacy, which is the ability to read, understand, create, and communicate data as information, further helps users make better and smarter decisions. Data-driven decision-making is very important as it is based on facts rather than guesses and gut feelings. With access to analytics, everyone can make more intelligent decisions confidently and at the moment of impact.  

embedding bi in angular apps

Embedding Powerful BI Capabilities in Your Angular Apps with Reveal Embedded Analytics

Reveal embedded analytics helps you easily embed interactive reports, dashboards, and more into your Angular apps. With features like machine learning, dashboard linking, statistical functions, calculated fields, rich data analysis, predictive analytics, self-service, white-labeling, data blending, data modeling, and more, Reveal can add a huge value to any Angular application.  

More so, integrating BI into your Angular apps is very easy with Reveal’s native SDK, allowing you to embed analytics into your applications with no added requirements. Reveal’s flexible architecture and rich APIs give you control of the feature in your app, making it a seamless part of the user experience. 

Built from the ground up with embedded first in mind, Reveal provides organizations with the most powerful BI capabilities and flexible and predictable priced analytics tools on the market. It provides developers with a wide range of highly customizable and easy-to-use embedded analytics tools and data visualizations, which end users can immediately understand. These tools make your app stickier and allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors.    

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