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modern embedded analytics vs legacy systems

Legacy Systems VS Modern Embedded Analytics

Modern analytics applications like embedded analytics solutions enable non-technical users to manage and work with data themselves by providing self-service and modern architecture capabilities. They deliver real-time reporting, interactive data visualizations, and advanced analytics capabilities including machine learning and AI directly into an enterprise business application. 

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how to use multi-tenancy in embedded analytics

How to Use Multi-Tenancy Data in Embedded Analytics

The multi-tenancy services reduce the complexity and customizations that are often required when embedding BI into your OEM software, ERP application, or other SaaS applications. Its capabilities allow you to easily maintain data isolation while supporting multiple tasks within the same account or organization at the same time.

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Reveal Business Intelligence

5 Steps to App Modernization

What is App Modernization?   App modernization is the process of taking older, legacy applications and updating their platform architecture to take advantage of modern systems and features.   A great example of app modernization is adding embedded analytics to your application. Embedded analytics help add value to your applications by embedding real-time reporting, interactive data visualization and advanced analytics more quickly than building them yourself. Make complex information comprehensible […]

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