Top 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Embedded Analytics Vendor

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Great! So, you have decided to accelerate your time to market and bring the power of analytics into your application. Now comes the question of which vendor do you partner with? We believe these are the top 7 questions you should consider when contemplating your embedded analytics vendor:

  1. Is the application experience consistent on every platform?
  2. Is the solution built on a modern architecture?
  3. Was the solution purpose-built for embedded?
  4. Does it offer a great mobile experience?
  5. Is pricing 100% transparent?
  6. Is localization handled seamlessly through your app?
  7. Is the product roadmap public?

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Is the Application Experience Consistent on
Every Platform?

We believe that a beautiful app experience that is simple to use should be the goal of every application. And it should be beautiful and functional across every major platform. Be sure your vendor provides:

  1. Beautiful visualizations and dashboards across every platform and device size.
  2. Dashboards that are intuitive to view, edit and share.
  3. User interactions that are instinctual on all visualizations and dashboards in the app.

Reveal answers Yes to each of these points, giving you an experience that can transform the UX of your app and deliver higher customer satisfaction. At the same time, our vision of simplicity and beauty makes your app ‘stickier’ to your users. This lowers the risk of losing customers because you’re differentiating on the experience.

Is the Solution Built on a Modern Architecture?

The developer experience can make or break an embedded analytics implementation. Your embedded
analytics vendor needs to keep pace with modern technology to make it simple for you. Here are the key
points to keep in mind. Look for:

  • Native SDKs that utilize the specific features of each platform and provide a superior user experience.
  • Robust APIs for dashboard rendering, dashboard creation, deep linking in dashboards and custom UI for data source acquisition.
  • Modern API design with multi-channel distribution capabilities

Reveal offers a broad set of modern, native SDKs, learning libraries, and detailed samples in all major platforms, including .NET, JavaScript (Angular, React, WebComponent), iOS, and Android. Revel’s embed technology doesn’t get in your way of a successful deployment; it enhances it.

Was the Solution Purpose Built for Embedded?

Most embedded BI and analytics vendors started out building a web or desktop-based dashboard tool. In time, many
of these vendors decided to create an embedded option, enabling customers to take the app experience and deliver
it in their own apps. The problem – creating an amazing embedded experience is hard. Keep this in mind when
talking to your embedded analytics vendor:

  • Was the embedded experience an after-thought? Or was it designed from the beginning?
  • Does the embedded user get the full app experience? Can the user go beyond simply viewing dashboards, and be able to edit existing dashboards and add new ones as well?
  • Do you see limitations in the embedded product when compared with the SaaS or desktop offering?

It’s important that the experience is the same from the desktop to the web to the embedded app, on every device. With Reveal, there is no compromise: the experience, on any device on any platform, is consistent, including dashboard creation.

Does it Offer a Great Mobile Experience?

A great mobile experience is critical to customer and employee satisfaction. Readily available dashboards and data at your users’ fingertips drive the speed at which their organization operates. When considering an embedded analytics vendor, a mobile SDK is more than just a ”checkbox” on a requirements sheet. Ask these questions:

  1. Are the mobile SDKs native per-platform, with the expected UX and app experience for Android, iOS or Windows?
  2. Did the vendor simply “wrap” a responsive web site? Is their mobile SDK simply a web page in an HTML iFrame linked in your app?
  3. Do you get the entire app experience in the mobile SDK, including dashboard creation, editing and sharing?
Top 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Embedded Analytics Vendor

We designed Reveal to be developer first, cloud-first, and mobile-first. We take extra care to ensure that the app experience is native to the platform. When you embed Reveal in your app, no matter which platform you are using, you get the most modern UX and app experience in that platform.

Is Pricing 100% Transparent?

How your embedded analytics vendor charges you for their product can make or break your app’s profitability. Many
vendors charge you by the user or on a usage basis. But what if your app skyrockets in popularity and suddenly your
embedded analytics costs skyrocket as well? You want to know upfront what your costs will be. And be confident
that they won’t escalate as your app sales increase. Also, remember that there’s no need to feel lost in the complexity of cloud-based pricing models. Ask your vendor these questions:

  • What does your product cost? Can I view it online?
  • What are your cloud usage and per-user fees? Are there other fees I should be aware of?
  • Can the solution be deployed on Windows or Linux containers for local or cloud-based hosting?

Pricing is always a top-3 consideration when looking at any software purchase, and it shouldn’t be the most
stressful part of the evaluation. The Reveal motto: no-surprise pricing. We post it online. We state the dollar
amount. We have no hidden fees. See for yourself.

Is Localization Handled Seamlessly Through Your App?

Your apps are used globally, in many regions and countries. Delivering culture-and language-specific deployments is
important. It’s also critical to have developer guides and documentation in native languages for your global development teams. Ask your embedded BI vendor the following:

  • Does the application automatically handle locale-specific rendering like date/time and numbers?
  • Does each SDK give me the ability to insert message strings based on region and locale?
  • Is the documentation translated to different languages so my development teams can successfully use the SDK?

Reveal ships with localization built-in. We also ship native language SDK documentation in Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Malaysian, German, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, Malay, Chinese Standard, and Chinese traditional. We will also be localizing Japanese and Spanish in-house.

Is the Product Roadmap Public?

Choosing to embed analytics vs. building your own is a big decision, and you need to make sure your vendor is innovating and delivering value as fast as your customers will be asking for it. Having a public, up-to-date roadmap gives you peace of mind and assurance that your vendor is working just as hard as you are to deliver value to your customers. When reviewing your vendor’s website, look for these signs:

  • Is a public roadmap prominently posted?
  • Is the roadmap up to date?
  • Do they show success in delivery on previous roadmap commitments?
Top 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Embedded Analytics Vendor

The Reveal Heritage: Infragistics Innovations

Infragistics is a technology company founded 30 years ago with the goal of providing productivity tooling and app accelerators to developers and development teams that needed to deliver differentiating app experiences. Over the years we transformed into a UX-first company, expanding our offerings to help design teams and development teams build the right software, the right way, the first time. Out of this decades-long legacy of helping large and small organizations bring beautiful user experiences to market, we decided to put all this expertise into the dashboarding and analytics space, and Reveal was born.

Reveal is an embedded analytic dashboard product that was designed developer first, cloud-first, and mobile-first.
Built on modern technology, with amazing UX as a key success criterion, Reveal rises above competitors in this
crowded area in several ways.

  • The focus on user experience and a simple, beautiful app experience.
  • Built 100% on modern technology, like C# & JavaScript with a micro-services backend and cloud scalability.
  • SDKs for every modern platform and device size – there is no ‘least common denominator’ experience.
  • Complete feature set in an embedded UX, including the ability to create, edit and share dashboards with your teams.
  • On-Premise version for organizations with strict security guidelines.

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