Reveal Brings Multiple Data Points into a Single Pane of Glass

Reveal Brings Multiple Data Points into a Single Pane of Glass
  • Industry

    IT Services and IT Consulting
  • Markets Served

    Internal technical teams, energy, transportation, and government sectors
  • Top Challenges

    • Difficult to filter relevant data
    • End users had to request their own dashboards/reports
    • Small development team was required to create each dashboard manually
  • Why Reveal

    • True embedded solution
    • Speed and ease of implementation
    • Access to technical team
    • Ability to request new product features

Meet Datacom

Datacom, Australasia’s largest homegrown tech company with 7,000 employees in 24 locations around the globe, delivers sustainable solutions for some of New Zealand’s and Australia’s largest and most successful corporations. Datacom works closely with leading technology partners across a wide range of applications to help organizations better manage their digital assets. Datacom engineers deliver a broad spectrum of operations — incorporating cybersecuritycloud, and digital platforms and applications — designed to empower customers with unparalleled data protection and customer care service.

Datacom’s internal portal, “Zeus” manages tens of thousands of CMDB CI items, security and other technical information that is visualized and available in a single portal. However, it was difficult for end users to filter through and find views and reports that were relevant to them. The company’s challenge was to find a quick and robust analytics solution to display their data without exporting it out into large data lakes. Datacom’s existing visualization and analytics solution required coding changes every time a new dashboard was created, which meant engaging the development team to code, test and publish each dashboard.

The search for a better solution began because creating dashboards were a major drain on internal resources and Datacom needed an embedded platform that would only require one log in. They also required a solution that would allow the team of 170 engineers and non-technical end users to quickly create custom dashboards without coding and training.

“Our engagement with the Reveal team was excellent and everyone was very responsive,” said Dino Sosic, Datacom’s Network Operations Manager. “We chose Reveal because their development team is extremely knowledgeable and was willing to help guide us along the way.”

Reveal Brings Multiple Data Points into a Single Pane of Glass

With the addition of Reveal’s embedded analytics, Datacom’s internal Zeus portal brings multiple datapoints from underlying tools such as monitoring and alerting, various inventories, ITSM tools, project handovers etc. into a single pane of glass. Datacom’s engineers and non-technical users can create their own views and visualize targeted customers, sites, and devices that they manage.


Accessing Reveal’s Technical Team from the Onset

When evaluating new software, buyers must often sit through many rounds of sales calls before they meet with the technical team. However, Reveal technical consultants were on the product review call with Datacom from the very beginning, smoothing the way for testing, easy implementation, and post-sale support.

“We were extremely impressed that the Reveal development team not only developed workarounds that met our needs, but they also incorporated our suggestions into the very next release in the matter of weeks,” Sosic said. “It’s unusual for a software vendor to make improvements on a product so quickly. It can take months or years for vendors to make fixes or add new features requested by a customer. We like the fact that customers have a say in Reveal’s product updates.”

Reveal Brings Multiple Data Points into a Single Pane of Glass



Reveal Resulted in Improved Productivity

Since Reveal has been embedded in the Zeus portal, Datacom has seen increased productivity. Bringing data visualization capabilities directly to the people who needed it was key because creating dashboards was burning up so much time.

“Our engineers aren’t spending weeks on dashboard development and non-technical staff don’t have to ask anyone to create custom dashboards – they can just plug in the data and do it themselves,” Sosic explains.

Reveal allows Service Delivery Managers and Capacity Managers to create a specific dashboard for an individual customer, without becoming overwhelmed by reams of data. For example, a Capacity Manager might look at capacity of devices or links or sites in a specific customer entry and can easily produce a monthly report with data insights using Reveal.

From the first meeting – through implementation and updates – Reveal has exceeded Datacom’s expectations, providing visualization capabilities to non-technical users, and reducing the workload of their dev team.

Reveal Brings Multiple Data Points into a Single Pane of Glass

 With Reveal embedded into Zeus, Datacom has experienced:

  • Improved productivity
  • Multiple datapoints in a single pane of glass
  • Visualization capability available to end users
  • Requests for new features incorporated into the software
  • Competent and responsive technical team