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Embedded data visualizations make complex information comprehensible by presenting it visually — giving users insights to help them make smarter, faster decisions. Join us for Wake Up Your Data to learn how your organization can use Reveal’s embedded analytics to deliver smarter apps that help your customers make data-driven decisions.

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Join Us To...

Modernize Existing Applications

Embedded, self-services data analytics enable you to modernize any application on any platform.

Create New Revenue Streams

Add more value to your applications and increase usage when your customers are more active.

Democratize Data

When data is available to everyone it is easier to build a data-driven culture to make strategic decisions.

Wake Up Your Data in 90 Minutes

Join us for this hands-on lab to see how Reveal makes it simple to add embedded analytics into your application, use in memory application data to create dashboards, perform advanced analytics and apply pre-trained ML Models.