How to Master Your Data (SD Times audio podcast with Jason Beres)

How to Master Your Data (SD Times audio podcast with Jason Beres)

In a recent podcast interview with SD Times, our Senior VP of Developer Tools, Jason Beres, talks about some of the key steps companies should consider as they begin to implement data analytics. One of his main points is the need for guidelines around compliance, privacy, and governance as data is captured, analyzed, and shared.

He notes that the industry as whole is in a period of experimentation as data adoption increases and that companies can’t “completely architect all of their enterprise data and develop all new processes.” So early adopters will require patience and a learning approach to determine how to model the tools and how to democratize the data down to users, where they can self serve and do their own analytics. Embedded analytics will help in this process.

Jason also sees great excitement as AI and augmented intelligence mature and help uses to make sense of all the data. As for developers he suggests broadening out and learning more about what a data scientist does. “Consider how you can look at what you do differently, how you can embrace the data mindset so you can drive metrics and help to support business outcomes.”

Take a listen for yourself. The complete interview is 18 minutes.


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