What's New in Reveal!

What's New in Reveal!

Today we are excited to announce an update for our recently launched business intelligence tool, Reveal!

In this release you will find some off the following updates and new features:

New, Modern Look and Feel 

As a returning users coming back into the application you will notice a new UI to Reveal. This includes styling changes in general, your photo avatar imported either from your O365 or Google account, a new universal split button and more!

Reveal BI Ui styling changes

Combo Chart 

We have added a new combo chart visualization to make your analytics pop that will allow you to utilize two different chart types and a single or dual axis. This combo chart also introduces some legend improvements such as a visual representation to the chart type and a split legend for dual axis.

Combo chart visualization in Reveal BI

Text Box for Data Storytelling 

This is just the beginning of data storytelling inside of Reveal! With this new visualization you can easily add descriptive text to your dashboard and resize or rearranging to place either an an overview or visualization description.

Text Box for Data Storytelling in Reveal BI

Bubble and Scatter 

These two new visualizations allow you to show relationships between two variables in a scatter chart or three in a bubble chart.

Bubble and Scatter charts in Reveal BI

Exporting Dashboards to Excel and PowerPoint 

Export your dashboards or single visualizations into an excel file or right into a presentation-ready PowerPoint file for your next meeting

Exporting Reveal BI Dashboards to Excel and PowerPoint


We are always looking for ways to improve Reveal and for your feedback in general! Please use our built-in feedback button in your settings to submit right in the app and provide annotated screenshots.

To see all of the features of Reveal and try an instant demo free.

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