Mind Blowing Trends in BI & Analytics For 2023

2022 was an amazing year for business intelligence and data analytics. As data continues to drive decision-making, we saw organizations reject outdated practices in favor of adopting a data-driven business model – and the results speak for themselves. 

As more businesses adopt a data-driven model, new developments and trends in data and analytics have emerged, prompting important questions.  

What do these trends look like? How will they impact my business? What can I do to stay ahead of them? 

Join us Reveal’s Product Manager, Casey McGuigan, and Senior Vice President of Developer Tools at Infragistics, Jason Beres, for this live stream as they share what the major trends in data and analytics are for 2023, including: 

  • Increasing integration of data and analytics in business operations 
  • Incorporating BI into products 
  • Data Regulation
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Data-As-A-Service (DaaS) 
  • Data Clean Rooms 
  • ESG Data 

About the presenters

Casey Ciniello Casey has a BA in mathematics and an MBA, bringing a data analytics and business perspective to Infragistics. Casey is the Product Manager for the Reveal Embedded analytics product and was instrumental in product development, market analysis and the product's go-to-market strategy. She’s been at Infragistics since 2013 and when she’s not in the office, she enjoys playing soccer and attending concerts.
Jason Beres As the Sr. VP of Developer Tools at Infragistics, Jason and his team spearhead the customer-driven, innovative features and functionality throughout all Infragistics' UI, UX, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence products. Jason works directly with Infragistics customers around the globe to ensure that their needs are met through our products and roadmaps. Jason is a former Microsoft .NET MVP, and he is the author of several books on software development, covering topics like SQL Server, C#, Visual Basic, Rich Client and Web Development. Jason is a national and international conference speaker and keeps very active in the developer & UX community. You can follow Jason at @jasonberes on Twitter.
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