Debunking Popular Myths About Embedded Analytics

With the accelerated pace of business today, organizations across the globe are experiencing a surge in demand for data. Gone are the days when you could wait weeks for reports to create a competitive business strategy. Data must be at our fingertips, everywhere we go, in every meeting we are in, and on every device we have on us. With the help of powerful BI tools like Reveal, companies are getting insights into their business in seconds, allowing them to make faster, business-critical decisions; all while creating a data-driven culture in their organization. 

So why aren’t more companies using these tools? While business leaders understand the importance of investing in Business Intelligence (BI), there are major myths that have kept many from moving forward or prevented their BI efforts from succeeding. We’re here to breakdown these major myths, debunk them, and show you how effective BI can be. If any of these sound familiar, this webinar is for you: 

  • It’s time consuming and costly  
  • Embedded systems cannot be scaled  
  • BI is only for big companies
  • You need to be a data scientist to understand the data 
  • Reliance on BI puts human jobs at risk  
  • Personalization isn’t important  
  • All data roles are created equally  
  • Smaller businesses don’t have big data 
  • Big data = big investment  
  • It’s difficult to change the embedded system configuration  
  • BI is glorified reporting  
Sorry, but this webinar has concluded. Check out our YouTube channel to watch the recording.