Export Dashboards

The information displayed in dashboards will change over time as the data changes in the data source, but there will be scenarios where you will benefit from sharing a snapshot of the data in that specific moment in time. For instance, to highlight an unexpected value that may provide some business insight and requires attention right away. Also the dashboard format which allows you to pack a lot of information in a single view may not be the best format to provide a more detailed, and corporate branded, walkthrough and discussion around the information upon sharing.

For these cases, Reveal provides the ability to generate a branded document with a snapshot of the current state of the dashboard’s visualizations, annotate it, and email it. This way, you can share any conclusion or insight derived from the data in an easy way to understand for anyone in the company, and also to serve as report to be stored over time. In order to access the export feature, select the overflow button in the top right-hand corner and select Export.


Export Format

You can easily export dashboards by using the available Export options.

  • Export Image. Export a screen capture of:

    • The entire dashboard. This can be achieved through the overflow button in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard.

    • Individual visualizations. You can import one visualization by accessing the overflow button for it and selecting "Export".

  • Export Dashboard. Export the dashboard through email for Android and iOS, or as a file (.rdash) on your computer for both Desktop and Web.

Annotating Images

When exporting an image, you can add annotations to your dashboards in case you want to include notes or highlight specific areas with different shapes. In order to access the annotation section, select the pencil icon in the Export Image dialog.


In the Annotation menu, you will see a top toolbar with many options. One of them allows you to add shapes and free style annotations.


The text option allows you to add text on top of the image. It provides options to customize the entered text, such as background colors, font weight, font size, and font color.


Exporting Images and Dashboards in Mobile Devices

Once you have edited your dashboard and annotated the pages (for images), you can email, print, or send the document to a third-party-app by selecting the action button on the last export step,


For image exports, you can find these same options in the Export Image dialog before or after you annotate images: