Installation and Requirements

Desktop SDK Requirements

The Reveal SDK requires .NET version 4.6.1+ and Visual Studio 2015 or up.

Web SDK Requirements

The Reveal Server SDK requires .NET Core 2+ server-side projects targeting .NET framework 4.6.1.

Currently the Reveal Server SDK supports a win7-x64 runtime environment. To debug your web project you need to add a win7-x64 compatible RuntimeIdentifier platform:





SDK Installation

To get Reveal SDK for both Web and Desktop platforms, sign up here.

Once ready, follow through the provided installer:


After a successful installation, you can browse the installed samples by clicking the Open SDK Samples link.



In case you missed the samples link, you can find them in “%public%\Documents\Infragistics\Reveal\SDK\”.

In this location you will find:

  • A solution file (Reveal.Sdk.Samples.sln) with references to all sample projects - WPF, WinForms, and Web.

  • A Web folder with web related samples.

  • A WPF folder with WPF related samples.