Exporting Dashboards as PowerPoint Presentations

Reveal allows you to export your dashboard as a PowerPoint presentation. Every visualization that is part of this dashboard will be displayed on a separate slide of the presentation.

All the elements of the presentation are editable so that you can tailor it to your needs.

To export a dashboard as a PowerPoint presentation, go to dashboard View mode and select: the overflow menu ⇒ ExportPowerPoint. The Export Dashboard dialog will open, allowing you to set up your presentation and annotate specific slides.

Export Settings

Settings for PowerPoint presentation in the Export Dashboard menu

In the Export Dashboard dialog you can manage the following settings:

  1. Change the main title of your PowerPoint presentation. The default title is your dashboard’s title.

  2. Change the slide’s title and add a subtitle in the Enter Title text box (the second box). The default slide’s title is the title of the visualization displayed on the slide.

  3. Manage Branding settings options allows you to choose:

    1. Author's and their Company's name - displayed in the header panel of the slide;

    2. company’s logo displayed in the footer and color (the main color of the PowerPoint presentation) - here you can choose one of the following options:

      • Reveal

      • User’s organization/team - your organization and all of your teams having their branding (logo and color) set up are displayed as options. If you want to know how to access/change your team’s branding settings, please read the Managing Teams topic.

      • Custom - select a color and upload a logo image of your choice.

        Requirements for logo images

        The image you upload for a logo must be no bigger than 5 MB and one of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

  4. You can manage your PowerPoint slides by selecting a slide from the list to modify its title, annotate or delete it (by removing the tick icon in the upper right corner).

  5. Annotate the selected slide by clicking/tapping the pencil icon. For more information about annotation settings, please refer to Annotating images in the Exporting Dashboards as Images topic.