Google BigQuery

The Google BigQuery data source provides a significant speed increase when processing big data within Reveal. This allows you to use datasets with millions of records for your visualizations with no slow down.

Configuring a Google BigQuery Data Source

Upon selecting Google BigQuery, you will be prompted to connect to your Google account.

After you add a Google account, you will have access to your BigQuery datasets. To start using them for your visualizations:

  1. Select a project in the New Data Source dialog that opens:

    Select a project in the New Data Source dialog
    Demo Public BigQuery Data Projects in Reveal

    The two public data projects in the screenshot above are demo projects configured by the Reveal’s team. They allow users with no BigQuery datasets to play with this data source in the Visualization editor and see how swiftly big data is being processed.

  2. Select a dataset by marking the empty circle next to it:

    Select a dataset dialog
  3. Select a table from the dataset. Use the eye icon on the right to preview the data.

    Select a table dialog

You are now directed to the Visualization editor where you can start building your visualizations with the data retrieved from Google BigQuery.

Calculated Fields Not Supported

Currently Calculated Fields feature is not supported for data coming from the Google BigQuery data source.