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Reveal is an affordable, true self-service BI tool, enabling you to make data-driven decisions faster. Built by user experience experts and designed for the business user, Reveal makes it simple for you to create, view and share dashboards with your teams. It offers you a seamless, identical experience no matter what device you are on: Web, Desktop, iOS, or Android.

Learn how to use Reveal with our easy, step-by-step dashboard and visualization tutorials.

You can use Reveal to:



Securely connect to your data: Connect to the most popular data sources without setting anything up on the server. Get real-time insights by connecting directly to SharePoint Online, Google Drive, OneDrive, Microsoft Analysis Services, Microsoft SQL Server, CRM, and many more.


Easily create dashboards: With an intuitive drag and drop interface, Reveal makes it simple to create dashboards within minutes. Choose from more than 20 different visualizations to present your data and tell your story the best way.


Customize your visualizations: Sort, filter and aggregate your data as you wish! Each chart type provides you with different settings to design your dashboard the way you want. Add flavor to your dashboard with our selection of more than 20 distinct themes!


Interact with your dashboards: Once your dashboard is created, interact with your visualizations with drill-down support, or even the ability to change visualization on the fly. Create and share annotated images of your visualizations for deeper insights.


Share insights with your teams: Give everyone the power of data by sharing your dashboards within your Organization’s repository, teams you are part of or with individual coworkers. Assign different levels of permissions to users to give them the level of access you want them to have to your dashboard.

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